How Much is Skin Care Right? Anyone standing in front of the numerous skincare products can easily be overwhelmed

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Anyone standing in front of the numerous skincare products in the drugstore can easily be overwhelmed. Do I need a whole range in the bathroom at home, or are creams & Co. even unnecessary?

Does skincare make sense at all?

Sun, sweat, hot shower water, heating air, car exhaust – our outer protective cover can take a lot. It is, therefore, essential to clean and maintain them regularly. This also applies to clinically healthy skin, says Prof. Ulrike Blume-Peytavi. She is the senior physician at the Department of Dermatology at the Berlin Charité. “The only important thing is that you use the right cream, then you can’t go wrong. That is why it makes perfect sense to clarify with experts what type of skin you have and what needs come with it. “

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For example, those who tend to have dry skin on their face need a rich moisturizing cream. If you have oily skin, you should avoid very oily creams – but still not forego moisture. “If the skin looks tired and a little saggy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the skin is visibly aging. Often it just lacks water. Even delicate superficial wrinkles are mostly just a sign of dryness. “

Dermatologist Ulrike Blume-Peytavi believes that you should also apply the cream to your body two to three times a week. Then normal skin is well cared for. But those who shower daily can also use the cream every day because hot water and shower gel can remove moisture from the skin.

– Can you apply too much lotion?

One objection: Doesn’t our skin get used to the fact that we continuously apply cream – and does not learn how to produce enough moisture itself? The answer to this is controversial.

Several studies by the Swedish researcher Izabela Norin from Uppsala University seem to confirm this thesis. Accordingly, the permanent use of skin creams strengthens the skin’s protective function for a certain period. If you stop the frequent application of the cream, the skin can be drier at first.

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This is what happens to your skin when you apply lotion.

The upper layer of our skin consists of protective horny cells that are closely connected. The body’s fat layer serves as a mortar. The theory: skin cream changes the horny layer and acts like a barrier: water can no longer get out of the skin; it accumulates. The horny cells absorb the water – and swell up. The result: the skin is moister and looks smoother.

However, the additional water also reduces the mortar’s adhesive strength, and the horny cells are no longer so firmly connected. If the skin cream suddenly falls off, more water escapes and temporarily leads to dry, irritated skin that also flakes more. In the studies, this effect could still be measured one week after discontinuing the cream.

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Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have concluded that too regular lotion is a disadvantage. If the horny cells are no longer so closely connected, pollutants can penetrate more easily. The result: over creamed skin becomes more susceptible.

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Is it all just feeling?

Other experts oppose this: within several days, the skin returns to its natural moisture content. The supposedly drier skin is only a subjective feeling – compared to freshly moisturized skin, it initially feels drier.

– Can You Stop Skin Aging?

Creams or not – that the skin ages is genetically pre-programmed. The subcutaneous tissue loses fat, so the skin becomes slack. In the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, elastin, and collagen is broken down, making the skin firm and firm. We cannot prevent that entirely. But what we can decisively influence are the environmental factors that accelerate skin aging. Nicotine damages the skin, stress, alcohol, and certain medications can also leave their mark. But above all, the harmful UV radiation from the sun makes us look old quickly. “In the end, aging begins with the first day we are exposed to the sun,” says doctor Ulrike Blume-Peytavi.

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Therefore, a sun protection factor is essential for sun cream for beach holidays and day cream. We should also re-examine our routine for applying lotion. Ulrike Blume-Peytavi knows from her practical experience: “The back of the hand is often forgotten. We can usually tell the age of our patients very well from them. “

– Do Anti-Wrinkle Creams Work?

Many people resort to anti-wrinkle cream as soon as the first lines appear on their faces. But opinions differ on these creams.

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